Corporate Art

Art for the Workspace: Make a statement and spark creativity.

Engagement with art at the workplace is receiving more and more attention as companies seek to create an inspiring workplace. Simply adding art can create a better environment. Art displayed in the office inspires to think and work more creatively. In addition, an artwork can help companies reinforcing brand values and increase engagement. We offer art concepts for corporate office spaces, co-working spaces and flexible workspace providers, start-up and government offices.


Art for Hospitality: A Unique Experience to Enjoy.

Art is an outstanding way for hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and casinos to improve their guest experience, while adding value to the property. Art will capture the attention of guests and visitors, adding to the aesthetics and creating a lasting impact, while also serving as a strategic tool to support branding. From solitaire works, wall coverings, murals to installation art, we can help with the most fitting solution.


Art for Residential & Real Estate: a way to enhance the architectural and residential space.

Artwork is the finishing touch to any home. Art is an integral part of an interior design and influences the atmosphere of a space. Adding art perfectly complements the vision of your project and helps to create a symbiosis with the architecture and interior design. Over the past 20 years we have provided more than 2000 artworks for residential homes and projects of interior designers, architects, individuals and celebrities.

Art licensing

Art: The license to attract.

Use art to promote services, products, and ideas to your target audience. Art for licensing and commerce established a strong love affair since Andy Warhol. What would be the music, fashion and advertising industry without this creative relationship. We offer art licensing, branded art, product ideation & development.

Public Art & Murals

Unique Art for a unique place.
We offer concepts for temporary or permanent public art, considering the unique place in which it is situated. Installations, sculptures, artist walls and murals have the potential to add value to the cultural, aesthetic and economic vitality of a site.


Design: Form follows Strategy

We offer custom Graphic Design, Branding & Identity, Environmental Graphics, Signage & Wayfinding, Custom Photography, Digital Imaging. We employ creativity and imagination to branding concepts for interiors and offices. We match art & design perfectly with your brand and communication strategy.

digital art

Digital Art

Creativity without limits.
Custom digital art offers limitless possibilities to clients seeking to turn their screens into canvases. Digital art can augment corporate, commercial, residential, and institutional spaces. Digital art is the medium of the 21st century, defining the applications for moving art in spaces.

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